MARKAZ pearl is a subsidiary of  “MARKAZ” group which was formed from 1995 and has been tested as a world-class manufacturer of South Sea Pearls.

MARKAZ pearl since 1998 has been plugging fangs and claws into the marine pearl market throughout the world. Especially, the market in France, the central country of the world MODE. Not surprisingly, MARKAZ pearl until now has had colleagues who were connected with many of the world’s top celebrities.

Accuracy of the production process, selection after production and maintenance of products that make MARKAZ pearl always manufacture the most highly qualified South Sea Pearls.

Indonesia is able to export the needs of marine pearl jewelry to the world with the support of pearl manufacturers, one of which is MARKAZ pearl. With the success of supplying more than half or in the range of 60% of the needs of marine pearl jewelry around the world.

The beauty of South Sea Pearls from MARKAZ pearl is also no longer in doubt, MARKAZ pearl is a manufacturer of South Sea Pearls who always optimizes the quality of marine pearls for its customers and has been proven and tested locally and internationally.

If you are interested in buying the best South Sea Pearls that are guaranteed authenticity, please contact

Email            : www.markaz.co.id@icloud.com
Whatsapp    : +62 857 3222 5559
LiNE             : markaz.co.id
SMS & 📞    : +62 857 3222 5559

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