Luxury of South Sea Pearls

It turns out that until now the entire world public does not know about the ranking capacity and luxury of South Sea Pearls. Though, this type of pearl is the top level in the category of jewelry. If it is important to explain a little about the South Sea Pearls to the public so as not to get lost understand it clearly and precisely.

What and how are the different South Sea Pearls compared to the other types ? South Sea Pearls are generally much larger than other pearls and have the most unique and most valuable luster quality. This type of pearl is made up by soft reflection because of the large aragonite platelets. They also have the thickest nacre compared to all types of pearls on earth. These factors make the South Sea Pearls different and most valuable. South Sea Pearls have the highest value and highest price compared to all types of pearls on earth.

Like other saltwater oysters, South Sea pearls are manic nucleus. However, the growth period is around 2-4 years, unlike akoya pearls and other types that develop in less than half. Being a delicate organism, this type of pearl oyster is very susceptible to disease and stress, which is one reason why the area of availability of South Sea Pearls is very limited. Efforts to expand the development of South Sea Pearls are only a few that will get success because oysters are too very sensitive due to interference.

Based on such natural situations and conditions, the South Sea Pearls are the only rare and most valuable pearls. Therefore automatically positioning South Sea Pearls as the most expensive market price.

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